How to become a Depository Library

As the leading international organization in the field of tourism, the World Tourism Organization undertakes large projects of research, analysis and data gathering within a variety of different segments and regions. These results are regularly released in numerous publications and provide a valuable and reliable source of information. Though UNWTO regularly sends one copy of all publications to its 150 member States, it is the Organization's objective to share all the achieved knowledge and information with a wider public audience.

For this reason, the World Tourism Organization has established a financially interesting program of Depository Libraries by which all participating libraries will receive all official UNWTO publications in one specific language.

Interested libraries must fullfil the following selection criteria and share costs:

  1. The interested library must belong to an institution of higher academic education or an acknowledged institution in the field of science.
  2. All designated depository libraries are expected to place the material received in the care of qualified library staff and to keep it under bibliographic control.
  3. All designated libraries are obliged to make UNWTO publications accessible to their students, free of charge, at reasonable opening hours. UNWTO does not accept publications to be placed in personal reference libraries of teachers or similar.
  4. Depository libraries are also encouraged to make deposited items available through interlibrary loan or photocopy to users within their area who cannot easily visit the depository library concerned.
  5. Interested libraries may apply for the collection of one or more official languages at any time of the year using the online application form. UNWTO grants the depository library a discount of 50% on the published sales price of the publications. The standing order must be kept for at least 12 months, after that period termination of the participation in the Depository Library Program is possible at any time.
  6. All designated depository libraries receive a distinction indicating their participation in the UNWTO-Depository Library Program.
  7. All designated depository libraries accept to be recorded in the UNWTO - Directory of Depository Libraries and also on the UNWTO-Homepage.
  8. UNWTO may inquire into the observance of the conditions of UNWTO-Depository Libraries by questionnaires or by visits at any time.
  9. Interested depository libraries located in countries currently designated by the United Nations as "least developed countries" (LDCs), which fulfill all mentioned selection criteria, are encouraged to apply for special discount conditions by sending an email to

The number of UNWTO-Publications varies each year. Please check the total numbers and values of UNWTO publications of recent years to estimate your future benefit of the participation in the UNWTO - Depository Library Program.

For your orientation, the following historical data demonstrates the financial implications with the discount:

Language: English
Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
No. of titles 13 13 16 17 18
Total value in Euros 392 € 408 € 394 € 417 € 474 €
Language: French
Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
No. of titles 2 1 8 10 12
Total value in Euros 69 € 50 € 160 € 170 € 280 €
Language: Spanish
Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
No. of titles 2 2 11 9 13
Total value in Euros 85 € 67 € 173 € 287 € 351 €
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