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Women Empowerment through Tourism
This research was carried out by Ms. Irena Ateljevic, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and published in July 2008, for the purpose of contributing to the UNWTO's action plan on women's empowerment in tourism. See also: UNWTO's work on Gender and Tourism
"UNWTO Development Assistance - 2008 Edition" 2008
The Chinese Outbound Travel Market with Special Insight into the Image of Europe as a Destination
China is one of the fastest growing outbound travel markets in the world. Thanks to rising disposable incomes and relaxations of restrictions on foreign travel, outbound trips grew by an annual average of 22% since 2000 – reaching almost 35 million in 2006. China ranks 5th worldwide in terms of...
"UNWTO Development Assistance 2007" 2007
Second International Avian and Human Influenza Simulation Exercise Jakarta, Indonesia 24-25 July 2007
(FOR MEMBER STATES ONLY) The result of this second international exercise proved first of all that the conclusions of the first simulation exercise held in Paris are of the same relevance for the Asia and the Pacific region as they were for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They also showed...
First International Avian and Human Influenza Simulation Exercise Paris, France 28-29 March 2007
(FOR MEMBER STATES ONLY) The first UNWTO Avian and Human Influenza simulation exercise was organized in Paris on the 28 and 29 of March 2007, in joint collaboration with the Risk Assessment Management (RAM) group, chaired by France. This unique exercise was attended by the avian flu coordinators of...
A Practical Guide to Tourism Destination Management A Practical Guide to Tourism Destination Management
This publication represents a major contribution to developing professionalism in the field of destination management. It is intended as a practical guide, showing how concepts of destination management may be translated into practice. Besides it will be of considerable interest to academics as we...
UNWTO ST-EP Programme
The first booklet produced on the background and overview of the ST-EP Initiative.
"UNWTO Technical Cooperation 2006" 2006
Tourism can help in poverty alleviation: what can you do?
A report on what makes tourism an especially suitable sector for developing countries' sustainable economic development.