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Contribution of Islamic Culture and its Impact on the Asian Tourism Market
Contribution of Islamic Culture and its Impact on the Asian Tourism Market highlights the influence of Islamic culture on Asian history and heritage and the potential of the emerging market for Islamic tourism. The publication outlines characteristics of the Islamic tourism market in Asia and...
UNWTO/GTERC Annual Report on Asia Tourism Trends – 2016 Edition 2016
UNWTO Conference: Tourism – A Catalyst for Development, Peace and Reconciliation Passikudah, Sri Lanka, 11 to 14 July 2016
The report of the UNWTO/SLTDA Conference: Tourism – A Catalyst for Tourism Development, Peace and Reconciliation, held in Passikudah, Sri Lanka, 11 – 14 July 2016, summarizes the four major themes discussed during the event: the close links between tourism, peace and reconciliation; the position...
Tourism and Culture Partnership in Peru – Models for Collaboration between Tourism, Culture and Community
The publication Tourism and Culture Partnership in Peru: Models for Collaboration among Tourism, Culture and Community analyses the importance of collaboration among three essential elements for the sustainable development of tourism destinations: tourism, culture and the community. Starting with a...
Mekong River-based Tourism Product Development
The Mekong River is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia that runs through six countries. Measuring 4,350 km in length, it is the world’s 12th longest river and the 7th longest in Asia. River-based tourism along the Mekong is an emerging activity with significant potential for growth and impact...
Sustainable Cruise Tourism Development Strategies – Tackling the Challenges in Itinerary Design in South-East Asia
Cruise tourism is characterized by bringing large numbers of people to concentrated areas of destinations for brief periods, thus multiplying and concentrating the impacts. Cruise development may lead to loss of precious biodiversity and destruction of cultural heritage if infrastructure and...
UNWTO/GTERC Annual Report on Asia Tourism Trends
Accounting for nearly one third of the world’s economy and over half the globe’s population, Asia and the Pacific has been at the forefront of tourism development in recent years. Strong GDP growth rates, coupled with a growing middle-class and rising disposable incomes, have led to a rapid...
UNWTO/GTERC Annual Report on Asia Tourism Trends, 2015 Edition
This second edition of the UNWTO/GTERC Annual Report on Asia Tourism Trends includes an analysis of the recent tourism trends of Asia, with emphasis on economy and demographics, international tourist arrivals and receipts, as well as outbound tourism and expenditure. It also includes an...
UNWTO/GTERC Annual Report on Asia Tourism Trends – 2016 Edition
The “UNWTO/GTERC Asia Tourism Trends 2016 Edition”, the third annual report in the series, highlights the rapidly growing tourism sector of Asia and the Pacific. Tourism is a reflection of the socio-economic conditions of the region whose GDP has been growing much faster than the world’s average....
Recomendaciones de la OMT sobre accesibilidad de la información turística
Los actores del sector turístico necesitan proporcionar información precisa, pertinente y puntual a sus clientes, antes, durante e incluso después de viaje. Garantizar que la información sea accesible es, sin duda alguna, una de las claves para que la comunicación con los turistas en todas las...